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I have been acting since I was 7 years old, starting in musical theatre. Since then I have worked in professional theatre, television, film, music videos and commercials. Personally, I think it's time more women were represented in more shows, more often. Presently, I would bet that at least 98% of - ALL - roles in - ALL - television shows are - male. This is the 21st Century. Time for "TV land to catch up with the rest of us. NOTE: So far I've notice many of the reviewers are male. I feel, "Stained" has great potential, but most of them didn't like it. Not enough "T &A" for them perhaps?!

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It looks like a very interesting series! Although the wholescale murder of innocent men, women and children isn't a particularly "cheerful" topic, it is certainly apropos in regard to the "good Christian" Republicans being hellbent on dragging the U.S., back into the 16th Century. If the writers threw in some of the stunningly ignorant comments which 21st Century politicians like Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are now spouting, I think it could be a VERY successful show! FIRE IT UP AND HANG 'EM HIGH! :)
Reviewed: 2016-04-23T02:08:44.051Z
Looks to be reasonably amusing. I think it would work better if the two leads - were not - twins. The lead actors need to have a - LOT MORE ENERGY! - if the show is going to work. The newscasters were hilarious!! Loved them both!
Reviewed: 2016-04-23T02:08:44.051Z