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The idea of what a husband of that time would do if his wife were accused of witchcraft is very intriguing. But this sizzle doesn't show enough to get that idea across.
Reviewed: 2015-09-13T08:17:18.630Z
Thanks. Good points. Very helpful.2015-10-06T05:55:30.039Z
This seems like a rehash of of a couple of reality shows already on TV. I personally don't watch much reality.
Reviewed: 2015-09-13T08:17:18.630Z
Thanks. Good points. Very helpful.2015-10-06T05:53:09.787Z
This seems to be very interesting. I think lots of women would like to know about this history of the sexual revolution.
Reviewed: 2015-09-13T08:08:16.563Z
The premise seems very bland. There is no reason to want to see more. The background of the skating rink has potential, but, the conflict does' t make me want to know what will happen next.
Reviewed: 2015-09-13T08:08:16.563Z
The idea has some potential but you should find some scenarios that are funny but not disgusting. The first was disgusting, the second has more potential.
Reviewed: 2015-09-05T09:40:57.092Z
Characters are close to real but still a little aloof. The idea of following a woman thru her dating history has great potential. Must have innovative back stories and good writing.
Reviewed: 2015-09-05T09:40:57.092Z
Many thanks...2015-10-06T05:48:52.439Z