We're delighted you want to submit your Sizzle for review and comment by the I'd Watch That community.

We want your ideas for dramatic, comedy and reality TV shows, submitted in the form of 90-120 second video Sizzles that explain what your show is about and give a sense of your show's look. Here’s a short How To Sizzle video. Your ideas won't be judged by network fat cats on the 49th floor, but rather by our online community of TV enthusiasts. If your concept rises to the top, we'll give you $25,000 to shoot a short pilot. Later, if your pilot tops one of our charts, we'll produce your show. It's that simple. Here’s a list of specific requirements.

Because the collective wisdom of our reviewing community is what makes I’d Watch That unique, we want our creators to understand the process firsthand. You’ll have to complete four review pairs before you can submit your Sizzle.

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