This show could be very successful if it were based on, "The Holy Blood and Holy Grail". The book has detailed, historical information about the Templars, starting in 1120 and leading to their demise in 1307. I'd invest in it, myself!
The Milky Way (Mostly)
Plenty of good material that could be derived from the concept, and the execution here is pretty good. This could be the next Game of Thrones if done right. More please!
I like it , I hope it makes it ,
I love historical drama! I hope the Templars stay Christian despite the (false) heresy accusations from the Church. I'm so sick of attacks on faith. I'm assuming they will, since the tagline is "protect the grail."
PLEASE make this series! Strong, great history, love the Crusades, the Templars, and anything medieval. It's about time the Knights Templar hit the screen. Best sizzle I've see yet. Would be glued to the screen, buy the DVD's, and the Tshirt!
San Ramon
I hope this is produced. I cannot wait to see more. Amazing work.