Belmont, CA
Maybe I missed it, but why did God's daughter come to help the guy? Is this meant to be a comedy or is there supposed to be a big villain? Is this a counter to the show Lucifer, meant in a parodic way? I was not sure what the stakes were. Is she here to save the guy from himself? The filming and acting were not unpleasant. I am just left with a lot of questions.
Very funny comedy! I love the premise. The superhero special effect fighting needs some work. Made me think "Bam" and "Pow" were going to fly around. Intended effect?
Grace Uniform would be a nice series on the screen. because of the super hero woman police character. Kevin told his police supervisor, that he doesn't need a partner, but end up being almost robbed by two insurgent, to be saved, who pulled a revolver and demanded his wallet, when the young woman partner from New Haven recued him by kicking the assailant in his gut and knocked the other one with a punch. The supervisor himself brought an old phone to remind him of what he gets paid for and would want to be a commissioner. She seems to be guided by God, when she showed Kevin a message from her cellular from God and apologized to Him at the end, when it started to rain because she slapped Kevin to the ground for trying to kiss her.
Studio City
I like the premise and humor. I'd like to see more.