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Instead of letting a handful of network executives decide which shows get made for TV, YOU be the judge. Through I’d Watch That, television viewers like you vote to determine which Sizzles get made into shows. Give us a few minutes and we’ll give you the power.

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Unless you're one of about 500 members of a special club of writers, your ideas for TV will never be heard.

I’d Watch That’s unique voting process frees TV from the tyranny of the 500 Club, and lets avid TV fans decide which shows get produced.


We want your ideas for dramatic, comedy and reality TV shows, submitted in the form of 90-120 second video Sizzles that explain what your show is about and give a sense of your show's look. Here’s a short How To Sizzle video. Your ideas won't be judged by network fat cats on the 49th floor, but rather by our own online community of TV enthusiasts. If your concept rises to the top, we'll give you $25,000 to shoot a short pilot. Later, if your pilot tops one of our Sizzle charts, we'll produce your show.
It's that simple.

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We've all complained about what's on TV versus what we'd like to see. Now it's your turn to actually decide what gets made. Use our unique voting process to review the Sizzles our creative community has submitted. What’s a Sizzle? Take a quick look right here. Sizzles that rise to the top of our charts as the result of your preferences will be given $25,000 to shoot a short pilot. And the pilots you vote into first place will wind up becoming TV shows. We trust your judgement more than the network fat cats on the 49th floor. Prove us right.

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