Privacy Policy

We care passionately about your privacy, and purposely (unless you are submitting a Sizzle to be considered for a $25,000 production award) only collect your month and year of birth, your city, state and zip, and your gender.

 We collect this information so that your votes can represent not just you, but also for tens of thousands of other TV viewers.  We ask for your e-mail address so we can communicate with you.

 We make your city and the genre you prefer (drama, comedy or reality) public information on idwt.com; nothing else is shared with anyone, nor will we ever do so unless we are compelled by a court order, and not until we have exhausted all legal remedies to prevent our compliance.

 If you log into the website using Facebook or Twitter, we create a user account using available information but, again, only make public your city, if in fact that data has been provided to us, and your preferred genre, if you select one on your "Account details” page.  We will not automatically post anything to your Facebook or Twitter account, although we do provide buttons that allow you to do so whenever you so choose.

 Because we are a research company, we may from time to time report aggregate statistics about the preferences of our reviewer community, but never in a way that would allow reviews or comments to be associated with the personal information provided by the individual members of our community.

 We go above and beyond industry standard practices to safeguard the personal data we collect and store. Any data in-transit is safeguarded by SSL and Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is always encrypted.  In the unlikely event that your account data were stolen or leaked, we would notify you at the primary e-mail address you have provided.