How do I create an account?


Click the "register" button at the top right corner of the page, and complete the four fields in the "Create a New Account" drop-down form. We'll send a confirmation e-mail to the address you entered. Once you've clicked the link in that e-mail, you'll be returned to the website as a verified user. You can then log in through the "sign in" button which is also located at the top right. Because we want to get reactions to Sizzles from a broad group of people who in aggregate represent the general TV viewing population, we need to collect your age, gender and Zip code. If you submit a Sizzle, you’ll be asked to provide slightly more information. The only information we make public on the website are your screen name, any profile image that you upload, your city, your preferred genre, the date you joined and whatever details you enter in the “Tell us about you...” field on the “My Account” page. That’s the place where the community can see information about you, your thoughts on TV, or anything you feel is important to share. You can check what’s visible to others by selecting the “my public profile” page in “My Account.” We will never reveal your personal information to any third party without your consent, unless we are compelled to do so by a subpoena we are unable to quash.


What is a Sizzle?


A Sizzle is a short (90-120 second) video that gives a viewer a sense of the concept and look of a potential TV show. It’s similar to a trailer for a movie, but creators make Sizzles at the start of the process to pitch TV shows, rather than after they’re done shooting and editing, as is the case with movies. Here’s a short How to Sizzle video. You’ll find lots of Sizzles on this site, and it'll be your job to let us know which ones you think should become TV shows by participating in our review process.


How do I vote on Sizzles?


If you click the “vote" item in the menu bar, you'll be taken to a page from which you can begin the voting process. We'll randomly show you two different Sizzles, and you'll vote for the one you preferred of the two. We handle voting this way because preference testing eliminates many of the biases that are inherent in consumer research, and gives each Sizzle creator the same fair shot at success.  We’ll also ask you to supply some brief, honest and constructive review feedback to the creators of the two Sizzles.  You can see some advice about reviewing here.


What about reviewer rankings?


Because your reviews are what make I’d Watch That unique, you deserve as much recognition as our creators. The reviewer rankings available through the "top reviewers" tab show how helpful our Sizzle creators have found your reviews.


What if a review seems offensive?


Any registered user of the site can flag a review as inappropriate, and we’ll look at what’s been reported and make a judgement call.


How can I get the word out about a Sizzle I really enjoyed?


We encourage you to let the world know about Sizzles you like! You can do so from any page where there’s a video thumbnail, and you can share links to those Sizzles through the Facebook and Twitter buttons adjacent to the thumbnail. Every Sizzle you've reviewed will be accessible via the "my reviews" tab on your profile page.


How does the "Favorites" system work?


If you'd like to keep track of a Sizzle you particularly enjoyed, click the "Favorite” button that appears next to the Sizzle. It will be listed on the “my favorite sizzles” page in “My Account.”


How does the “Featured Review" system work?


If you’ve submitted a Sizzle, reviews of that Sizzle are collected on the “reviews received” page of “My Account.” This is where you let reviewers know whether a particular review was helpful or not (information we use to calculate reviewer rankings), and is also where you can respond to the author of the review. If you click the “Helpful” link under a review, you’ll have the option to check a box to “Feature this review.” A Featured Review will be displayed in conjunction with its corresponding Sizzle throughout the website. If you haven’t selected any reviews to feature with a Sizzle, it will be displayed with the synopsis you provided when uploading it. A Sizzle’s synopsis can always be seen on that Sizzle’s profile page.


What types of Sizzles can I submit?


Our first suggestion is that you look at some of the Sizzles already uploaded to get an idea of what they're like. You can submit anything you think has the potential to become a successful episodic TV show! Keep in mind that, often, the most successful TV shows are built around characters who are so compelling that audiences want to invite them back into their homes each week. Ideas for dramas, comedies, and reality shows are all welcome now; in the future, we hope to expand the number of genres we'll accept.

Your Sizzle must be between 90 and 120 seconds long, and cannot contain any credits other than a title. We want our reviewers to confront a level playing field. You'll have an opportunity to publish your screen name and a synopsis of your Sizzle via the Sizzle submission form. Sizzles can be accepted in most video formats, but keep in mind that we transcode everything so it can be viewed on both mobile and desktop devices. There’s no need to upload 500 Gigabyte HD files. As is noted more specifically in our Terms & Conditions, we won’t publish on the website anything we consider offensive.

After you upload, your Sizzle will progress through our system and you may see different status indicators noted:

Initialized - Your Sizzle is in the process of being uploaded.
Error - Your Sizzle failed to upload, because of a local connectivity problem, wrong format, wrong length, etc.
Uploaded - Your Sizzle was received at the transcoding server.
Rejected - Your Sizzle didn’t pass the I’d Watch That team’s editorial review.
Error - Your Sizzle failed to transcode, due to format incompatibilities.
Complete - Your Sizzle is now available on the website. At this point, the status indicator text is replaced with a thumbnail of your Sizzle.


Why do I have to vote prior to uploading my own Sizzle?


We want all our users to give some constructive criticism to the work of our creators, so we require that you go through the process of voting on other Sizzles four times before you can begin uploading your own.


How do I submit a Sizzle?


After you've finished your four reviews, click on the "upload" button on the top bar.

Within your "My Account"/"My Sizzles" page, click the "upload a sizzle" button.

You can initiate the upload of your 90 to 120 second-long Sizzle by dragging it onto the gray upload area, and it will immediately begin uploading.

When the upload completes and email will be sent and you'll be asked to complete the upload process by agreeing to our Terms & Conditions, giving your new Sizzle a title, choosing a genre, and providing a brief synopsis.

Your Sizzle will not be available until you've provided this information.


What do I do if I run into technical problems while submitting a Sizzle?


Please send an e-mail to support@idwt.com. 


If one of my Sizzles becomes a hit, what's the next step?


Creators of the top Sizzles in each category for each voting period will receive $25,000 to make a short (6-7 minute) pilot of their series. Initially, we anticipate that voting periods will last about three months (it will depend of the number of reviews generated by our community), and that creators will have three months to complete their pilots. Once the pilots are completed, they will be reviewed by the I’d Watch That reviewer community using the same preference process. The winning pilots in each category will be funded for a first season of episodes.


Can I review a Sizzle which I access outside the voting system?


Since the collective wisdom of our voting system depends upon a randomized preference model, you'll only be able to write reviews of the Sizzles that you access through the “vote" tab. However, it's always OK to just watch a Sizzle without reviewing it via the “top sizzles” tab, or anywhere else you see a Sizzle thumbnail.

If you favorite a Sizzle, you’ll have an opportunity to post a comment for its creator and the I’d Watch That community.


Where can I see some of the Sizzles which are popular with other users?


If you click the “top sizzles" tab on the top navigation bar, you'll see a grid consisting of the Sizzles which have received the most positive feedback from our community of reviewers. The “top reviewers” tab will similarly let you see which reviewers are considered by our creators to be providing the most helpful feedback.


How did you know my screenname when I signed up?


If you sign up using Facebook or Twitter, we will attempt to pre-populate your IDWT account with information you share from those accounts. Screenname is one of those pieces of information.

If you sign up using an email address, we will check to see if you have a public Gravatar profile. If you do, we will attempt to pre-populate your IDWT account with information you share on your Gravatar profile. Screenname is one of those pieces of information.


I registered using Facebook/Twitter sign-in. How do I associate an email address with my IDWT account, so that I can receive notifications?


Here's how to do that:

1) Sign-In
2) Click "My Account"
3) Click "Account Details"
4) Click the "Manage Email Addresses" link and follow instructions on that page.


I registered using Facebook/Twitter sign-in. How do I add a password to my account so that I can sign-in that way, too?


Password sign-in can only occur if an email addresses is already associated with your account. First, make sure that your account has an email address.

Once your account has an email address associated with it, here's how to add a password to your IDWT account:

1) Sign-In
2) Click "My Account"
3) Click "Account Details"
4) Click "Add a password to my account"

NOTE: If your account already has a password, the link in #4 will instead say "Change Password"


I can't sign-in! How can I reset my password?


You can reset your password via the "Forgot Password?" mechanism.

Here's how to do that:

1) Click 'sign in'
2) Click the "Forgot Password?" link
3) Enter your account's email address
4) Click the link in the email that you will receive.
5) Follow the instructions to set your new password.

NOTE: this method can also be used to add a password to an account that was created via Facebook or Twitter sign-in methods.


How do I delete my account?


Send an e-mail to terminate@idwt.com. We'll be sorry to see you go, and hope that, like most terminators, you'll be back.


Social Media Logins


We currently support sign in via Facebook and Twitter, with one caveat:  if you’ve already set up an I’d Watch That account, and then log in using social media credentials, you’ll wind up with two separate accounts.  If this happens, please e-mail support@idwt.com with your FB/Twitter screennames and the e-mail account you used to set up your I’d Watch That account, and we’ll merge them into a single account that you’ll be able to log into via either social media or your idwt credentials.