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We're a group of entrepreneurs who’ve been working at the intersection of media and technology for over 15 years, driven by the belief that intelligently collected consumer data can inform decisions more accurately than the hunches of media executives.

In 1999, we launched garageband.com, which introduced crowd-sourcing to the web. Garageband let unsigned artists get feedback on their music, and also awarded recording contracts to artists whose music rose through the ranks, based on the input of the garageband.com reviewing community. The company was acquired by myspace.com, and became the backbone of its independent music community.

In 2004, we started Integrated Media Measurement, Inc., which helped networks better understand the audiences for their new shows. We developed a technology platform that did this with more specificity than anyone else, and IMMI was ultimately acquired by Nielsen.

During the decade we were tracking TV viewing, it became painfully obvious that the process networks used to create new content was horribly broken: less than ten percent of new shows wound up finding an audience. The process was also upsidedown: rather than trying to figure out what kinds of shows audiences wanted to see, networks spent huge amounts of money trying to find audiences for untested new material, both good and bad. And there was one other glaring problem: the same small group of people created virtually everything on TV.

Given our data-driven approach to solving media problems, and our history at garageband.com of finding great new music, we concluded that using the crowd to both source and vet new material would significantly improve the odds of success in the challenging world of episodic TV. We make our money finding talent that otherwise wouldn’t be found, and becoming producers of shows that our reviewers want to see produced.


Brian Monighetti (Data & Insights) has spent 15 years working at disruptive Internet and Media Research companies. He has a diverse field of experience with multiple positions in Bay Area research start-ups including NetRatings, Telephia, and IMMI. Brian spent 4 years at The Nielsen Company as Vice President of Measurement Science, where he led product development and research for TV, computer, and mobile platforms. Brian holds an M.B.A and B.S. in Business Administration from the University of the Pacific, where he graduated with Distinction.

An early web technologist, David Whittemore (System Architecture) received his BS in Computer Science from Purdue University with systems specialization. He architected mobile and PC measurement data flow technologies at Nielsen, and developed near-realtime mobile audio-matching and analysis technologies. As VP, Engineering at garageband.com, Whittemore oversaw all software development. He's an avid beekeeper, gardener, and photographer.

After a journalism career at the Washington Post and the New Yorker, and a stint as a TV writer on the ABC show “Capital News," Tom Zito (Operations & Biz Dev) co-founded Axlon, a technology-driven toy company. He also co-founded Digital Pictures, a video game company, garageband.com, his first foray into media research (acquired by Newscorp) and Integrated Media Measurement, Inc. (IMMI), which provided real-time feedback on the reach and effectiveness of TV and radio advertising (acquired by Nielsen). Zito serves on the board of Project Avary, a Bay-Area charity that works with children of incarcerated parents. Zito attended the NYU School of Film & Television, and graduated Magna Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa from Georgetown University with a BA in Philosophy.


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Instead of letting a handful of network executives decide which shows get made for TV, YOU be the judge. Through I’d Watch That, television viewers like you vote to determine which Sizzles get made into shows. Give us a few minutes and we’ll give you the power.

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